Blu by Australian Seafood Fish & Chippery DINNER

Blu by Australian Seafood fish & Chippery …. where have you been all my life! Big thanks to Liz H. for recommending this place. This place is very generous with their servings and the food is incredible! It doesn’t leave you feeling like you ate stodgy fried food for some weird reason? The salad that’s served with the combo meals are quite refreshing and those tomatoes ain’t tired and old looking (I chose the classic Greek salad – other options were bean salad and coleslaw).

This place is awesome because it has:

– Great customer service. Their greetings are genuine and actually say “Hi!”
– Clean establishment (spotless crockery & cutlery, table tops were not at all greasy/sticky/spilt condiments rubbing into your elbows).
– Bathroom facilities were also clean and tidy. You should check out the swirly blue floor!

To me, this combo of standards is so rare!

A nice added touch was the lemon AND cucumber water on offer near the cabinet of enticing desserts. We managed to get a seat near the aquarium and watch the ‘Dory’ fish swimming in loopy circles. This place sets the benchmark of what hospitality is all about.

Olleh and I went halvies on the Flake ($AU15.50) and Blue grenadier ($AU14.50) combo meals with chips and salad on the side. We also tried out the ‘Cheese fries with walnut and honey’ $AU 9 because it was only there for a short time and I was trying hard not to order some Fried Mars Bars. This delicate deliciousness of stretch sweet cheese gave me weird but wonderful dreams.

Thank you for making my first visit a memorable and delicious one!

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