London – Modern Pantry LUNCH

This place is classy despite that I misread it as “Modern PANTY”!

So take your date if you want to impress and don’t mind spending a bit. It’s well worth because the food, light and bright atmosphere and the staff are just fantastic. I highly recommend this place if you want to be cheered up from the wintery blasts of wind.  London! Why you so cold? BTW….it was the 12th of March.

I had a great coffee whilst we waited for the lunch hour. The staff were very accommodating with the Gluten Free aspect and went out of their way to substitute menu items that would suit the dish. I was VERY impressed with that.

Za’atar spiced lamb rack, kalonji and potato rosti, cime de rapa, celery and preserved lemon salsa £21.50 ($AU31.40) plus Side of Pink Firpotatoes £3.20 ($AU4.67)


This was a fricken unbelievably lush cuisine that such a work of art. I felt reluctant to eat it and took as many pictures as possible because there was no way I was gonna save tidbits wrapped in napkins in my purse. Taking photos AND eating is how I enjoy it!



Aspall ‘s organic Cyder , Suffolk –500ml  £5.00($AU 7.30) Hmmmmm fancy dry cider made my head tingle a bit.


This is what Olleh ate:

Seared diver caught scallops, carrot puree,

carrot crisps, kalamansi lime gel £8.50 ($AU12.40)

MP menu

47-48 St John’s Square



EC1V 4JJ 020 7553 9210

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