Ireland – The Marble City Bar LUNCH

My first Irish pub meal was a classy affair. Olleh brought me along the narrow streets of this church and castle city Kilkenny to The Marble City Bar,  a place which he used to frequent when he lived there.

We were greeted as soon as we came in and were seated quickly into plush leather wall lined seats. I would usually sit at the bar but being a bit jet lagged and H suffering the same fate as I, it was best be sitting a table without the fear of falling off it.

The nice small place is a cocktail lounge dark with an intimate setting that was packed with an older crowd of well dressed folk and office lads crowding the front bar.

Our tentative waitress Roxy, took our order and was very patient with our undecided umming and ahhing. I ended up getting the Chargrilled rib 8oz rib eye steak that arrived on a cushion of creamy mashed potatoes and a plump juicy roasted Portabello mushroom. It was served with a milk garlic butter which tied it all together nicely.

There was some tomato sauce and the most ORGASMIC luscious ivory coloured mayonnaise that I have ever had! It was mainly for Olleh’s grilled haddock but that didn’t stop me from glooping into my ‘poppies’*. It was funny when they gave Olleh my steak instead of me (ha ha ha….take that sexist stereotypes).

Marble City bar ciderMy steak was cooked to a lovely medium rare, wonderfully crimson with no gristle. I demolished the whole lot even the fried onion ‘yum yums’ were an interesting garnish. I washed it down with a pint of Bulmers which tasted SO MUCH better than what we have in Australia (there was none of that weirdo bullshit piss after smell).

They let us split the bill and were so wonderful and I would come back when I’m in Kilkenny again. (There are so many pubs here!!!!!)


Address: 66 High St, Kilkenny, Co. Kilkenny
Phone:(056) 776 1143

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