My version of old school Vienna cream

For those lucky ducks who have eaten a cupcake made by yours truly, I have something special for you! A lot of people have asked what the recipe is and so I’m giving it to you so you can watch other people’s eyes roll into the backs of their heads when they stuff their cake holes with one of these bad boys adorned on top.

My version Old School Vienna Cream

BEFORE you start, get all your ingredients, utensil, equipment ready and clean up as you go. A candy themometer and kitchen scales are good to have around.

160g or 2/3 + 1 teaspoon Caster sugar

85m hot water

 I don’t add vanilla at the start because you may want to divide the icing into various flavours.

Stir together in a saucepan until sugar has dissolved before turning on the flame.

Brush down the sides with a pastry brush dipped in hot water to prevent those annoying sugar crystals forming.

Boil the sugar syrup to soft ball stage (116 – 118 C) or when you drop some in ice water and it forms a soft and pliable lump when you roll it between your fingers.

It’s ok, you won’t burn yourself here unless you actually use your fingers to pull freaking HOT sugar straight from the pot into the ice water!

2 egg yolks (I prefer duck eggs because they are bigger and taste good)

Whisk in a heat proof bowl (make sure it’s big enough because the mixture will double in size) on MEDIUM speed and gently pour the hot sugar syrup in thin stream so it looks like Coda Di Topo (a term used in coffee extraction that means ‘Mouse Tail’).

You have now made a sabayon/zabaglione. (You can try other recipes but make sure the end product is a whipped custard dessert.) By now, all that whisking should cool it down so it becomes a pale and thick.

It’s important to cool the mixture down because so you don’t melt the butter that you have to chuck in. Don’t fret if that shit starts to melt, just pop it in a bowl of ice water or in the freezer for a bit.

250g unsalted softened butter, cut into cubes.

Now on FULL SPEED, add 1 or 2 chunks of butter at a time until combined.  Add your colours and flavourings at this point.

This should be enough to ice a cake and about a dozen cup cakes or to tide you over when you have your period.

*Good for showing off, making a good impression, bribes and an overall decadent feel good treat.

*Don’t use if you decide to throw it at someone. This will make me cry and it’s a waste of perfectly good Vienna cream. Use cheap whipped cream in a can instead.

*cbf adding a pic right now

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