Taste of Melbourne FOOD FESTIVAL 2012

Taste of Melbourne Food Festival

  • Albert Park  beside the Carousel, Melbourne.
  • 16th Nov, 2012

Pez – Thank you VERY VERY for the tickets.

This was my kinda fair ground attraction with food stalls and beer tents set up in a fenced off area in Albert park.

– Olleh and I arrived before sundown and I marched straight up to the Rekorderlig tent to get myself some ice cool cider only to realise I needed to swap my money for crowns. (1 pint of cider = 8 crowns). My mango and raspberry cider tasted like cordial but at least it was refreshing and it came in a pint!

– I almost got stung by a wasp that had no business to be in my hair. I found that amusing because every now and then I wear these hairclips that have realistic looking wasps attached to them and now I had one on my head for REAL!

“Ummmmmm……is that a real wasp in your hair?” said the dude stirring the delicious looking pasta dish at the Bertolli stall .

“Errrr….it’s a real one?!” I said confused for not recalling I added insect hair accessories that day (only a black sequin flat flower which reflected pretty patterns “Hey look…I’m a DISCO!!”).

“Arrrrgh……Get it OUT, GET IT OUT!!!!” I said calmly as I tried to swat the real wasp out of my hair.

Thank you to Olleh who saved me from being more hysterical by disposing of the wasp that was supposedly gearing up to sting me.

– The Old Mout Cider (I should learn to read better because I was calling it “Old MoutH or MouNt”) tent was visited by us and whilst Olleh chatted to the stall holder about Queens of the Stone Age, I tried to down as many samples as I could. My favourite would have to be the Fejoa which was nice and dry tasting, 2nd was the Cranberry and cider and the 3rd was the Boysencider which was ‘perfumey’ and tasty.

The Bishop of Ostia  & Pope Joan  food tent that served up this heavenly dish called Salmon Wings (8 crowns). It seemed like the upgrade word for fried salmon fins. They used fatty salmon bits that were extremely juicy and I LOVED it! They were nicely seasoned and I just wanted more and more! It reminded me of the scraps of fried fish (but with more flesh) that was given to us kids when we hung around the kitchen. The best bits were used for more delectable Filipino fish dishes which usually the whole fish is eaten anyways! Oh so yummy-yummy and it was so good that we came back for seconds.

Here’s the recipe card from their stall.

– Macarons of Cacao Fine chocolates were very enticing (grrrrrr fuck you sugar!) but alas I couldn’t have them but I was put in a very compromising and convincing position.

– At the Monsieur Truffe  stall, they had this pure 65% cacoa chocolate button samples which was practically shoved into my mouth minus the headlock. This was so swoon worthy, it took me back when I was about 7 or 8 years old and stole a bag of chocolate buttons from the pantry. I remember the red bag that had to be made out of the loudest fricken plastic so I had to carefully make as little noise as possible. I hid that bag in a pillow case under my bed and I allowed myself 1 button (Yes 1 fricken chocolate button!) a day! It was torture but I savoured every moment to prolong the joy. I’d just let it melt in my mouth as I drifted off to sleep. Eating that made me a little sooky because I remember the happy naughtiness, dread of being found out and that it was probably my first lessons in self discipline. I’m glad Monsieur Truffe is not far from my place and I will go visit them again.

– The Tuaca  (100% natural liqueur with authentic Italian roots, flavoured with vanilla and citrus) stall was interesting watch.  The dude made this icy granita with dry ice! Apparently it evaporates and all that is left is the sugar and orange vanilla liqueur. A fascinating little show from behind the bar consisted of seeing the slick looking dude (no need for a lab coat) ladle out dry ice from an industrial looking tank and into a metal bowl which instantly spewed forth thick cloudy smoke which faded to leave a slushy like concoction that was served to me in a mini waffle cone. I made Olleh eat it and he said it was “Mmmmmmm!”

All sorts of beers, ciders, hotels, cafes, liqueurs, food produce that were both fresh and manufactured were present here. The quality of the food was top notch and funnily enough, the only thing that seemed to be missing for this setting was the absence of carnie ‘food’: dagwood dogs, soggy chips and overpriced fairy floss.

There wasn’t much gluten free things out there other than the rice crisps and dips stand. I think all the GOOD stuff had gluten and sugar in them. Damn you macarons and lush looking pasta! I had a great time having a squizz of what was on offer, cracking nut jokes with the Morish Nut man, posing on the Tuaca orange bike cart and with the MiniMelts Icecream Penguin mascot, eating cherries and strawberries, tasting real Mexican salsa and letting my nose lead me to a tent where they were grilling chicken with a dry rub marinade.

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