Chilli Beef with Lemongrass & rice vermicelli DINNER

Another attempt of tackling the chilli and though it WASN’T as painful as I thought in my mind but my body showed the opposite! I had tears in my eyes, a slight blood nose but I blame my bout of hay fever I had beforehand. I had to reassure the waiter that it wasn’t their fault that I had a blood nose. Ah gees… seems like violent dinner times involving blood, sweat and tears for me from now on… ha ha….eeeeep!

My chilli beef with lemongrass and rice vermicelli $10 was hot and delicious that had a good balance of spice and heat. Sometimes I feel that the heat can take over and you can’t taste the flavour because your mouth is being tortured by lava disguised as food.

The freshly cut cucumber, carrots, lettuce, mint, roasted peanuts and vermicelli added layers of lightness which was a great way to break up the intense chilli bursts of the beef which was also laced with lemongrass.

The crazy straw that came with my orange juice $3 made it childish and fun and it had been a while since I’ve seen my drink do loop-de-loops!

The toilets were very clean which is a bonus because it’s an indication that the kitchen is too!

I would like to come back again.

Huyen Linh 2

  • Vietnamese Restaurant
  • 137 Puckle Street, Moonee Ponds
  • Mon 5 to 10pm
  • Tue – Sun 11am to 10pm
  • 93260927

Visit date: 7th Nov 2012
Huyen Linh 2 on Urbanspoon

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