Agent 284 Salt’n’Pepper Squid DINNER

I’m here at Agent 284 (the old Suede Bar) , a classy joint with 3 levels, dark black cherry furnishings and the loveliest wallpaper that looks like old library bookshelves. I’m sipping on a cider, reading the newspaper, the sun is setting on the back of my head, trams are rumbling by and Smith street shenanigans begin to occur while I wait for my mates before we head downstairs Gallery Room to watch the VaVa Boombah Fat Burlesque show case.

The cider that they have here is brilliant! I’m really diggin’ it and yeah, it could be drunk talk but this would have to be one of the most perfect ciders that I’ve had. So fricken clean tasting with the right about of acidity and dryness. It’s called Flying Brick cider draught $7.50 per 300ml stubbies and at 5.3%, no wonder it was giving that giggedy feeling. Giggedy.

It swishes around in your mouth and it’s got this strong apple with honey taste. I love it and was knocking them back like it was no tomorrow. The staff here are lovely and they remember how you like your drinks and they have an All Day Menu!!! Bottom of page.

The cider was a great accompaniment to the Gluten Free Salt N Pepper Squid $13 that came in cute grey dish with a red centre to which I thought it was some sort of tomato sauce! The creamy sweet mustard like dressing with garden leaves, slivers of candied lemon, cherry tomatoes that had a stack of lightly battered squid bits balancing daintily on top but the crowning glory to all of this was the addition of plump juicy peppered pineapple pieces. It was such a clever idea to add this as well as drizzling lemon wedges over the squid.

It was super yummy scrumptious and I wouldn’t mind heading back here for the day or evening.

  • 284 Smith Street
  • Collingwood VIC 3066
    (03)9416 0058
  • 8am – 5pm Sunday to Wednesday
  • 8am – late Thursday to Saturday

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2 thoughts on “Agent 284 Salt’n’Pepper Squid DINNER

  1. We went here for a post-dinner drink once and the staff were AMAZINGLY friendly and accommodating, even though we only wanted coffees on a big cocktail night. Seriously, it made such an impression I’d think of an excuse just to head back there. Also I’m kind of in love with that Chesterfield.

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