Cafenatics Pour over coffee & Brownie

There is BRILLIANT service to be had here. I came upon this place accidently whilst exploring the area around my work. This place is situated off little Bourke near the law courts. The place I was originally was going to get coffee was already closing and they already shut off the machines and I was in dire need of a pick me up so I could be ready for my night shift.

Thank god, Cafenatics was open (They shut at 5pm!) and it’s also a part of a ‘boutique chain of coffee shops’ which I found out later. But that didn’t throw me off because of the positive experience I had here.

I ordered a Pour over and was somehow charged $3.50 (The next day it was $4 but still hrrrnng?) to which I was met with enthusiasm from a curly redhead bloke who was lovely. I can recall paying double that amount at other places.

I had been tempted yet again by a sugar devil and ordered a brownie. I am deluding myself into thinking even though it was GLUTEN FREE that it would somehow make up for the sugar content. That slab of dark as night chocolate was so creamy that it was a cross between fudge and chocolate truffle ganache and it had this delicate crispy meringue-ish shell on top. Despite that it was super rich it still had a light texture to it which till baffles me! It’s the work of the devil…I tells ya! I savoured every bite and I’m going to hell again. Oh why oh why do things have to be so wickedly delicious? *shakes fist.

Cafenatics has low lighting and super cool surrounds overlooking a courtyard that looks like they had the Hulk throw chunks from the ugly buildings from Fed Square. My favourites things about this place would to be the brightly coloured La Marzocco coffee machine, communal table, big arsed flower arrangements with plenty of room and attentive staff.

The majority of suits and law court folks pop up her and there and you get the occasional tradie. I love how the late 90’s R’n’B music was playing “No diggety” by BlackStreet ft Dr. Dre and “Killing me softly” by the Fugees. Yeeeeyah….I feel like a teenager again!

My refreshing pour over in a warmed Hario beehive shaped glass jug and a warm cute heavy bottomed tumbler. I drink it like warmed Japanese sake. They used the Santa Isobel coffee ($18 a bag) that had a fruity, sharp yet sweet twang. I like how the curly redhead asked: “How is your pour over and do you like the brownie?”

“Yeah” I answered with an open mouthful of brownie….gross of me I know.

It’s always a nice touch when they give you a glass bottle full of water and a serviette. Again, I have to stress that these little things means so much to me.

  • Visit date: 11th October, 2012
  • Rear of 500 Bourke St
    Melbourne 3000 Victoria
    Phone: 9670 7445
  • 6:30am – 5pm Mon to Fri

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