The Rich Hours COOKBOOK

I’m proud to introduce an old school friend of mine who recently launched her first cookbook at a local grocery store in Castlemaine early this month. I unfortunatley wasn’t able to attend so I bought her book online ($22 includes postage) in support of her brilliant work and also because the food content would be the sort that I’d be making as well! Yay for Gluten and sugar free (Date Truffles or Poo Balls! pg 91).

I’m such a fan of her gorgeous photography which makes the food so sexy! I had a go at making the “Hello Dahl!” pg 45 (don’t you just love that name?) and the 3, 2, 1 Quinoa Patties pg 49 with success!

“Lorena Carrington’s THE RICH HOURS COOKBOOK is full of good food but it also warmly encourages an awareness of life’s real riches. It will help you prepare for precious moments when food is shared with people you care about.

The recipes were created and tested at a Castlemaine Co-operative venture that evolved into a celebrated Castlemaine family business called Green Goes the Grocer. ”

You can buy her book at Green Goes the Grocer shop (29a Templeton St, Castlemaine 3450  Phone: 03 5470 5511)



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