Bendigo Brewhouse Coffee Roasters BREAKFAST

Driving out to the Industrial side of Bendigo to find a lone coffee establishment nestled among tile warehouse and steel fabrication manufacturers was worth it. It’s not much trouble getting there by car but if you were on foot…another story.

I really like the joint because not only does it serve good coffee but good food too! It’s a huge shed filled with sacks coffee lining the walls, rusty looking wire birds’ nests light fixtures, long rustic tables mixed with modern bits and pieces, freshly cut flowers and the cool thing is that the kitchen and coffee area is enclosed in a shipping container! It’s very much like a Melbourne thing setting places up in renovated shed/warehouses but with its own Bendigo twang and (I’m forever thankful for) the lack of rude douchebag hipsters.

Most of the produce is locally sourced: The Good Loaf bakery, Heathcote jams etc. The bright red coffee roaster is situated within the shed itself and I only wish I could be there to fill my nostrils with that bean roasting aroma….*sigh

I was greeted straight away which is ALWAYS a big plus because you could be easily forgotten in such a huge place where there is a glorious mix of tradies, suits, lycra bicycle brigade, industrial boss types having their meetings still wearing their hi-vis gear, hip old ladies gossiping, young couples and the typical mum and bub tag team.

I hear my name being called and I turn around in surprise to see an old school friend working away in the kitchen. He recommends the Gluten Free toast from The Good Loaf bakery which I have with organic raspberry jam from Heathcote $5.5 (+$1 for GF)  I tend to get a little narky about paying extra because you never know if they give you those tiny credit card sized bread sliced thin.

This is the exception!

Like the shed, the slices or should I say slabs are fricken HUGE! I think about 1.5 – 1.75cm thick that are toasted on the hot plate and not in a toaster which makes it crisp on the outside and still fluffy on the inside without drying the poor bugger out. I wish my butter was softer so I didn’t have to make holes in my perfect toast but it’s ok. Only a smear of jam was my naughty treat because I gotta watch that blood sugar level spiking.

My coffee came in a small cup which you could upgrade(!) but at least it was good. The Flat white $3.70 I ordered was at a great temperature, tasted like dark chocolate and hazelnuts and wasn’t burnt or had that yucky acidic after taste.   3 out of 5

This place has bonus points for the extensive reading material placed on the tables, spacious outlay, mini food store of local produce, wicked looking sweet things taunting me from the display cabinet and that Portishead was playing in the background….ah I love Portishead.

It’s too bad that this place isn’t opening at night but I will come back again to sample more of the menu especially when they have names like “Something Boring”, “Kryptonite Bread with nacho topping” and “The Moo sanga”.


Brewhouse Coffee Roasters on Urbanspoon

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