Gluten Free Chicken Vermicelli Stir fry DINNER

$8.50 box CRAMMED full of vermicelli (glass noodles), bok choy (ugh! I can’t stand the stuff but sort of ate it anyways), cabbage, onion, carrots, spring onions and plump chicken thigh pieces. I’m surprised that my food didn’t spring out like those ‘Snake-in-a-can’ things.  The best thing about this is that have gluten free soy sauce. Though the night was cold, I sat in their tiny ‘dining’ room (it was more like a foyer) digging around at my noodles and exhaling like I was a dragon sitting in my black shiny floor cave and I watched the poor people hurry home along Centre Place alley.

  • Establishment: Yen Sushi & Noodles
  • Address: Shop 2, 12 Centre Place, 530 Little Collins Street Melbourne (enter from Flinders Lane or opposite Australian on Collins)
  • Hours: Mon to Fri 9am – 4pm
  • Contact: 03 9629 2888
  • Yen Sushi Noodle Facebook page
  • Visited: 9th Aug, 2012

Yen Sushi & Noodles on Urbanspoon

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