Oriental Tea House Pu erh TEA

Oriental Tea House – Pu erh Tea $3.50  + .50c extra for Chrysanthemum flower.

Slight black tea bitterness with a light touch of sweetness from the chrysanthemum flower so there was no need for sugar. You really don’t need to when sipping on Chinese tea. It came in a clear, self straining glass mug and you could see the layers of tea leaves and the delicate blossoms floating on the top. In between you could see the faint swirls as the tea was steeping.

It is just so nice and relaxing to be sitting back and enjoying something that shouldn’t be so exotic to me but hey, at least I still find joy, comfort and wonder in a single cuppa.

Pu erh is supposed to lower cholesterol and reduce indigestion. It’s not one of those traditional tea houses you see in so many Jackie Chan films but at least there are 2 levels and one private room cordoned off with fish netting. The decor is nice and modern and kinda sultry but I can’t say much for the muzak. Bruno Mars crap is not to my taste but it was redeemable when “Easy” by The Commodores started playing.

Establishment: Oriental Tea House

Address: 378 Little Collins Street, Melbourne (any tram along Elizabeth, Collins or Bourke St)

Hours:           Mon to Thu 11am – 9pm

Fri to Sat 11am – 10pm

Sun 11am – 3pm

Contact: 613 9600 4230    ltcollins@orientalteahouse.com.au

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