The Cheese Show adventure

For $15 we spent about 3 hours stuffing our gob holes with as much cheese as we could consume at the 2012 Cheese Show run by the Australian Specialist Cheese makers Association. Before we entered the cheese hall,  there standing next two women churning butter, they had a REAL cow!

My band of cheese pirates (Jha, Olleh, Ross, H, Elaine, Rach and Joey) raided the Ormond Hall for the precious golden bounty. There was more cheese at our disposal than I thought there would be and it was more spectacular because the quality of the produce was outstanding! There was more artisan cheese than we could poke a baguette or lavosh roll at! We got these stickers which were cute but when you took a closer look, the cartoon cow was pulling on its own udders in order to gain clearance/momentum whilst jumping over a crescent moon. It was so weird!

After about an hour, I was a tad full and I started to walk like Humpty Dumpty. I had so many sorts of fromage fraiche, ricotta, fetta, brie, camemberts, blackberry and pepper jelly and mainly soft cheeses.  I ate a few lovely vintage cheddar cheeses but I’m really not a big fan of. I had this fantastic goats cheese that was rolled in black ash. With little convincing from Elaine, we went and got a pinot gras $5.50 just to try and wash out some of the creaminess. I don’t think it worked because I rudely gave Ross a blast of my cheese breath much to his amusement.

So I dove back in and I think I had a bit more only to have a sit down and have a micro cheese coma on one of the ottomans in the hall.  One of the high lights was watching H and Jha churns some butter and a Mozzarella making and stretching demonstration with Giorgio Linguanti from ‘That’s Amore Cheese’. I want to become a cheese maker….I REALLY DO!

Our ride home was very funny because all of the sudden, the tram was filled with a weird stench and I realised it was coming from the 4 cheeses (Robin Hood Gold 230g, OTR Gippsland tome 282g, Jindi triple cream 248g and Jindi deluxe blue 292g) I bought from the Old Telegraph Road stand $20. It was pretty funny and I apologised to the fellow passengers but they were holding cheese show bags too.  Also, I was overloading Elaine with cheese jokes eg. “Who cut the the cheese?!” and our Auslan cheese/orgasm joke.  Our ride home on the train was nice to watch my friends bring out their cheese and comparing them like they were footy cards.

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