Purple Peanuts Chicken Teriyaki

  • Establishment: Purple Peanuts Japanese Cafe
  • Address: 620 Collins St Melbourne (Spencer Street end, get off at Southern Cross Station, any tram running along Collins)
  • Hours: Mon to Sat, 10am – 8:30pm
  • Contact: 9629 3988
  • Date visited: 9th Aug, 2012

Teriyaki Chicken with Miso Soup $10.90

Managed to score a seat along the window…YES!!! And then nearly had a heart attack because there was a fricken VERY realistic looking coiled up rubber snake that was on one of the benches. It belonged to the  6 yr old chatterbox who sat next to us who unabashfully proceeded to tell us loudly about her friends’ sleep over party. Usually, I DO NOT freak out at such silly things but this joltingly reminded me of my childhood adventure times back in Carisbrook, where I lead a bunch of local kids to their impending doom. We climbed through a barbed wire fence and I nearly stood on a coiled up snake much like the one that belonged to Miss Chatterbox.
Anyhoo, the wait was not long at all so in no time, my lunch came gliding over with a nice beaming smile. A beautifully presented dish, moist succulent grilled chicken with nice charred bits, rested on a mound of fluffy white rice. Next to that was a side salad of blanched beans, carrots and garden salad leaves in a satay-ish dressing. Bloody good lunch especially when given a good sprinkling of that chilli powder stuff.

Purple Peanuts Japanese Cafe on Urbanspoon

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