Burrata Bosom Buddies








My second visit here was even better. After watching the talented Kirsty make the burratas (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burrata) and having them incredibly fresh was heaven on the lips. I got 6 for $11.

I’m eating truffle infused Burrata in the car like some perverted deviant.

They came in a small tub floating in their own whey.

I slowly peel back the lid and wait for those to pass by so I can get down to business.

Oh god it feels so good fishing out these soft little balls with my finger tips. The uber rich mozzarella is bitten into and I get a shock as luscious creaminess is injected into my mouth followed by that unforgettable taste of truffle. I cannot describe how truffle tastes and smells. There are so many anecdotes out there. Here’s a 42 min episode of  Anthony Bourdain on a truffle hunt in Croatia.




Did my eyes roll back into my head? YES

Did I groan and utter: “Oh dear god!” when the creamy mozzarella burst into my pie hole? YES

Did people eventually walk by and look at me funny? Yes and YES!

By this time, I did not give a toss for they would of been doing the same thing if they had what I had!

After that, I was spent! I guiltily tipped the water whey remains onto the road, wiped my hands on my dress and drove off.



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