The Salon COFFEE

  • Establishment: The Salon
  • Address: Level 1, Myer Department store 314-336 Bourke Street (Any tram along Elizabeth, Swanston or Bourke Street)
  • Hours: Store hours
  • Contact: 03 9661 1111
  • Visit date: 30th July, 2012

A decadent yet simplistic looking cafe (it’s also a bar!) situated on the 1st level of the Bourke street Myer department store. As you come down the escalators (or up depending on your direction), you see a dark wood bar island sitting on the edge of the Women’s International and Australian designer clothing department.

There is a long narrow bench bar lined where you get to sit on fancy dark brown bumpy ostritch leather stools that has some pretty fancy trimmings. There are also ostritch leather button back club chairs with low tables near the escalators that give you a great view of the open space of the exposed levels. There is also a large communal table and cream coloured leather button back ottomans on the other side of the bar.

I ordered a Flat White $3.80, whilst waiting for Wendy and I sat along the cloudy amber marble long bench bar lined with old rich lady lamps. My view was directly into the Sass and Bide clothes area and it was fun to watch people look at the prices tags and walk away.

Though the serving was small (less than 200ml?), I did have a really GOOD coffee: great drinking temperature, nice strong flavour and strength, perfect creama and tight foam.

4 out of 5.

The nice touches like impeccable friendly service and a glass of water is ALWAYS appreciated.
Salon - By Louis Roederer on Urbanspoon

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