Fine and Dandy Foodstuffs COFFEE & a lapse in food discipline no. 2

Come on…how can I NOT go into a cafe that has the word ‘Dandy’ in it?!

I had a lovely, very lovely experience though I had yet ANOTHER lapse in my mission to keep the sugar devil at bay. I was greeted as soon as I got in the door. I’ve been meaning to go to this place but it’s kinda out of the way.

It’s got a Granny decor vibe to it and more so when I bit into those homemade marshmallows $1 each. These are a MASSIVE TREAT because avoiding sugar is such a pain in the arse but these were so adorable that I just had to eat them. They were pink squidgy inside, not too rubbery and light as meringue. The best thing that it wasn’t sickly sweet which is so synonymous with commercially made marshmallows and toasted coconut that it was rolled in was a very nice touch.

My very big coffee in very big cup was such a delight. Almost like a bowl and at $4, it was a good bargain. They use ‘The Maling Room’ coffee Ethiopia GUJI (sweet aroma blueberry, raspberry, lychee, pineapple, orange and berries. Complex, full mouth feel and brandy finish) but to me it tasted like it had caramel undertones topped off with a luscious creamy milk.

I started to really get into this magazine called “Stop Smiling” about film legends that was recommended by the lovely moustachioed dude who made my coffee.  Rightly deserving jazz sound track was the soundtrack for the afternoon with Louis Armstrong and Jimmy Reed crooning away.

Bonus points tasteful pink everywhere and that there are gluten free items on the menu.

Chance of returning: Low – ONLY because it’s really out of my way but for the good service and food…it’s very much worth the trip.

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