Seoul Soul Beef Bulgogi LUNCH

  • Establishment: Seoul Soul Korean Restaurant
  • Address: 323 Victoria St, Abbotsford
  • (Tram #109 Box Hill heading towards Box Hill from the City, get off at Nicholson Street stop 20 and walk a few shops just before entering the Beehive where Daiso is located Or catch the Epping Train and get off North Richmond and wander up Victoria St)
  • Hours: Monday to Sunday Lunch & Dinner 12:00-11:30pm
  • Contact: 0478768760
  • Seoul Soul fb page
  • Visit date: 22nd June, 2012

On my way home from work, this place would always catch my eye. No matter how many brightly coloured shop fronts tightly packed together in the Little Asia/Victoria Street, this newbie would draw me in. I guess I was intrigued by its entrance being an outdoor eatery, very reminiscent to one of those Udon stands that I’ve seen in so many animes.

So today, with the cold wintery winds blasting and almost at the cusp of a down pour, I headed into this Korean restaurant. I wasn’t sure whether I should be sitting out in the cold but this was actually their foyer where they served take away and whilst I was reading the many reviews plastered on their wall, I was invited in out of the cold by one of the friendly waitresses.

She sat me down, gave me a pitcher full of water, a glass and a menu. Everything looked so delicious and since I wasn’t having a bbq, I didn’t sit at one of those long communal bbq tables. I ordered a Beef Bulgogi $10. I couldn’t pronounce it but the waitress was happy to help me say it correctly.

Then I ordered Prawn dumplings $5 just in case it wasn’t enough. But I shouldn’t have because a few minutes later, came my meal in a round wooden bucket/bowl with a little side handle. It looked so cute and comforting. I tucked into the tender delicious beef. I was hesitant because I thought it was going to be too spicy but it was just totally fine! Rice topped with red pickle and black sesame seeds, fresh salad leaves with a crown of bright orange fine carrot strings, spring rolls, orange wedge and grapes.

My prawn dumplings (4 pieces) were served on a rectangular plate over  a bed of kim-chi and accompanying dipping sauce! Yummy! At first, I was concerned that my ordered was mixed up because I bit into my dumpling and it was green but then came the familiar sweet/salty juiciness of the prawn pieces.

This place hit the right spot for me and I came in at a good time because within 20 minutes the place was jam packed full of people.

Seoul Soul on Urbanspoon

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