La Piazza gluten free pasta, DINNER

  • Establishment: la Piazza Wine Bar & Restaurant
  • Address: 2 – 4 Howard Place, Bendigo VIC 3550 (formerly Bazzani’s)
  • Hours: Tuesday – Saturday
    10am until Late
    Sunday 10am
    Lunch Only
  • Contact: Phone: (03) 5444 4499
  • Visit date: 9th June, 2012

Simplicity at its BEST when it came to this meal. I could only describe as having an eye rolling rush from having the most smoothest and velvety gluten free pasta pass through my lips and down into my belly!

On a chilly winter night, Olleh, H and I attended Lynd’s 30th birthday at an upmarket, classy yet cozy joint just near Bendigo’s Rosalind Park and Chinese Museum. They had lush red carpet, rusty red brick walls with soft feature lights and a section of wine bottles stacked high to the ceiling.

This is a very fine example of using the best ingredients and balancing that to the right amount of flavour to which a heavenly combination danced on my taste buds.

The Smoked salmon pasta ($25 with a glass of wine) consisted of shaved ribbons of parmesan, cream, smoked salmon and finely sliced parsley/chives (actually, I wasn’t quite sure but it was green!) and the very best high quality gluten free pasta I have ever had! I still cannot get over how this type of gluten free pasta was so luscious and oddly ‘creamy aldente’ in itself and not the cardboard bull crap that I’m used to.

This was a menu special that came with a glass of house wine which I chose the white over the red. The refreshing chillness of each sip between mouthfuls broke up the richness and I assume it was the Little Red Tractor sauvignon blanc because that was house wine present on the wine list.

I was so impressed by the high quality of the pasta that I let one of the wonderful attentive staff know how I felt and she informed that the Chef had invited me to come back and discuss it further. So, I came back the next day and a delightful fellow came out (despite the fact it was lunch hour!) for a quick chat where I had to gush about how Über Fantastic my meal was and where could I get my paws on this mysterious gluten free pasta. He was kind enough to sell me a bag (at wholesale price) and gave me the address of the distributor, to my surprise is situated in North Carlton! BiAglut Gluten-Free Penne 500g

I’ll be coming back again for occasions only because if I treat this like an everyday dining experience, I’m afraid it will make it less special. It’s a place to take someone if you want to impress them….Bendigo style! Plus, I would like to try out that small room that I spied on my way out that just consisted of a large table and the walls were covered in wine bottles!

Bonus points for the warm and intimate atmosphere, lush decor, the professionality of the service staff, wheelchair access and the GLUTEN FREE options!
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One thought on “La Piazza gluten free pasta, DINNER

  1. I wish I could say the same for the service – it seems we had a rather different experience! – but I am so glad you had such a good time and I agree the food was really good. Great write up! x

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