Loi Loi’s Crispy duck with Lychee, DINNER

  • Establishment: Loi Loi’s Vietnamese and Chinese Restaurant
  • Address: 364 Victoria Street, Richmond (catch Tram#42 Box Hill going away from the City, get off Stop 32, crn Victoria and McKay St and walk a few shops back towards the city)
  • Hours: Mon – Thurs 10.30am to 10pm
  • Fri – Sat 10.30am to 11pm
  • Contact: 03 9429 7161
  • Visit date: 10th May, 2012

It has been 6 years since my last visit to this place and I’m glad that things have stayed the same and if not, has even gotten better. The prawn spring rolls $8 for are slightly bigger and they were generous with their lettuce, mint, basil and carrot strings. Loi Loi’s dipping sauce is just ace, I can never find any place that compares with its clean, crisp and delicate chilli taste.

We ordered Crispy duck with lychees $15.50 that consisted of 2 plump and juicy duck breast lightly dusted and fried, then smothered with a tangy plum-ish thick sauce dotted with sweet and sour lychees. The acidy sweetness of the lychees cut through the richness of the duck very nicely. Since we didn’t order rice they gave us extra fried noodle bits that the dish was resting on. That was really nice touch.

Bonus points for the:

  • Free basket of prawn crackers as soon as we sat down.
  • Very clean toilets, extra fried noodles
  • Glee playing on big screen TV on silent in the background.
  • BYO
  • The complimentary sweets at the counter makes up for stuff up that the tired looking cashier who nearly billed us for the wrong order.

Chance of returning: Medium or any time we are at Richmond Ikea and want something better than Swedish meatballs. I fricken LOVE this place!!!



Loi Loi on Urbanspoon

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