Minimo Salmon Rosti LUNCH

  • Establishment: Minimo
  • Address: 822 Sydney Road, Brunswick (#19 North Coburg Tram, get off at the Tram Depot which is the stop before Moreland Road)
  • Hours: Mon Wed Fri 7:30am to 4:30pm, Sat & Sun 9am to 4pm
  • Contact: 03 9383 2083
  • Visit date: 18th April, 2012

Awhile back, I ducked into the place before whilst it was pouring down rain just to have a quick coffee and now, I finally got around to having something nice to eat. They were good to me back then and things haven’t changed which is so wonderful.

I was greeted straight away and led to the counter to where the selection of salads, quiches and cakes were displayed. This time instead of sitting next to the coffee machine facing the open kitchen. So I plonked down at the large communal table situated along the wall so I could spread out The Age and read it properly….ahhhhh!

This open and light filled atmosphere is sparsely but nicely decorated which is not that important because here, they care more about the service and their food. They even sell packaged good here too. I was so worried at first that I wasn’t able to eat anything but oh LORDY…. I was so wrong!!! The head chef was so accommodating when I asked about their gluten free produce and he went into rapid fire on what he had in store. I was bowled over by his enthusiasm and suggestions of salads, big slabs of frittatas and gluten free cakes. Then he said he could just make something from the breakfast menu and I was so impressed that even though he was busy, he took the time to make suggestions for what I could eat. WOW!!! Bonus points to you, my dear sir!

I was sold on the Salmon Rosti $17.50 which consisted of 2 perfectly soft poached eggs that were blanketed in a pale yellow velvety hollandaise, fresh garden mixed salad which a generous slab of hand grated nicely cooked potato rosti which had salmon and green herbs mixed through and baked to a golden brown with extra smoked salmon slices on the side and accompanying that was THE MOST kick arse pickle mustard seed relish I have ever had! Omg, I was trying to ration that because it was soooooooo good! Man, the balance of sour, tang, sweet and spice is just heavenly! I would of licked the plate clean if I could get away with it but no, I’m out in public and I have dignity! (Though I’ll admit that I ungracefully got up off the bench realising my legs were akimbo in a short skirt.)

I also had a Flat white $3.50. They use Atomica coffee and mine was of a rich English toffee sweetness, good strong aroma and I could actually taste hints of berry! The milk wasn’t at its ideal temperature but at least it wasn’t burnt or scalding hot. 3 out of 5

Bonus points for the sunny dining experience and the extremely helpful staff. This place makes everything on the premises except for the croissants which are premade somewhere else but baked in their ovens. Also the menu changes according to the seasons which is also another great reason to come back. I love variety! The head chef was ever so kind to let me take photos and would ask how my meal was going. I like it when they do that because then you don’t feel bad when you have to let them know when something isn’t right. Since they made everything there, I was hoping they sold their relish but he was incredibly nice to give me some relish in a cup and put a lid on it! Now what place does that? A small gesture like that just made my entire day.
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