Hao Phong Seafood & Vegetable Cripsy Noodle LUNCH

  • Establishment: Hao Phong Vietnamese and Chinese Cuisine
  • Address: 136 Hopkins Street, Footscray, Melbourne.
  • Hours: Open 7 days 10am to 10pm
  • Contact: 03 9689 8373
  • Visit date: 16th April, 2012

Ok, I had another lapse in food regime and suffered a nasty case of something that I won’t go into details about but you know, there are some things in this world that are WORTH IT and this was another one of them. Why, why, why are things so delicious? This dish wasn’t gluten free…oh sad face!  I chose 3 recommendations from the Urbanspoon website and decided to pick this place because I’m working my way down Hopkins Street, Footscray.

Being incredibly jittery and ravenous, I was so glad that this no nonsense establishment was quick to acknowledged (even frank to some extent, just pointing where to sit was enough), serve and get my order in. Service was so quick that I felt like a formula one racer pulling into a pit stop.

I ordered the Seafood and vegetable fried egg crispy noodles $12. Holy Moly!!!! There was an option of rice noodles but I decided to go for egg despite my impending stomach doom. Before I could change my mind, my lunch was served incredibly fresh from being whipped up in a wok frenzy which I clocked at 4 min 48 seconds!!!

I’m still even drooling about it whilst I write about this dish. The fragrant steam curling off this gorgeous looking work of art made it look like those Iron Chef signature dishes. The colour of the canary yellow noodles that were fried with its edges of a golden brown delightfully complimenting the vivid green zucchinis, juicy prawns, bok choy, crimped cut carrots, tofu, fish cakes,  calamari (a tad rubbery), baby corn and straw mushrooms. The flavoursome slightly salty sauce covered these perfectly cut vegetables that made it oh so glossy and soften the crispy noodles underneath. I was being bombarded with so many textures of soft, crunchy, dry, crispy, slippery and melting experiences. Even though this serve was pretty big, I was very pleased that it was a medium light and ‘clean’ taste that didn’t bog me down. Sometimes, you can get overloaded with garlic or way too much salt but here, they got the balance just right.

This dish was so good that I actually ate ALL the bok choy because to me, it’s slimy and I can’t chew it properly. I do not like it one bit but here was the exception. When you see vegetables this fresh and perfectly stir fried, it would be such a shame not to eat it. Now I like this version of bok choy just a little bit more. I don’t think I will eat it anywhere else except for here.

Bonus points for the incredibly clean toilets. You can tell so much about the state of cleanliness an establishment by how clean their loos are. The over powering smell of rose scented air purifier that was set to “Stun” lovingly reminded me of an old Asian ladies house that I used to visit when I was a kid. There are even more tables out the back where the old school Asian folks hang out and they have 2 big healthy looking fish tanks near the registers full of big fat fish that are ready to be consumed…yum yum!

Chance of returning: High….Wow, this would have to be a place to go if you want to REALLY IMPRESS someone. It’s also a great place to go people watching.
Hao Phong on Urbanspoon

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