Berryman’s Cafe & Tea Rooms BRUNCH

I nearly forgot to pull the reins on the demanding quick service city attitude whilst visiting the vintage like small country town of Maldon. And for that, I’m sorry. Here it seems that everyone is laid back and gliding. The speed limit in town is 40km per hour so in hindsight it’s a nice kind of slow that takes a bit of getting used to.

This place was luring me with its gluten free menu and I had this massive hankering for spuds and Berryman’s has the Jacket Potatoes $12. You can choose which filling you want on them so I decided to go for cheese and bacon but I omitted the coleslaw. This is a VERY filling meal to have at the start of the day so you run the risk of waddling like a duck for the rest of the day but I knew that I had a busy schedule ahead of me running workshops at the Gaslight Festival held on the local oval.

My brunch came in this quaint dish decorated with wild strawberries around the edges and with a cute paper doily underneath! In it was a pretty big new potato, evenly cooked with skins on and its insides were light and fluffy. I love having potatoes cooked in their skins. Nestled amongst that was about 4 rashes of nicely fried bacon, golden stretchy tasty cheese that was melting from the heat of the potatoes and a generous topping of luscious sour cream that had spring onions sprinkled on top. Goddamn, it was GOOD!

The early autumn weather was making it a bit nippy so my meal was more of a comforting brunch than a refreshing one which means: “Toodle-ooo Summer and hello Autumn. It was nice while it lasted!”

I groaningly managed to polish off the whole thing whilst downing an average flat white $3.50 (2 out of 5). Whilst waiting for my tummy to settle, I read the paper and listened to the young boy of about 10 years, who was animatedly chatting to his older teenage co-worker about this and that. It reminded me when I had a job at that age but I didn’t have time to chit-chat! It was really good that they didn’t rush me out the door and left me to my own devices which is what you really want when eating a big meal such as this.

Chance of returning: Low – Only because I don’t go to Maldon that often but will try and visit again because the town is very pretty.

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