Seven Seeds COFFEE

  • Establishment: Seven Seeds
  • Address: 114 Berkeley St, Carlton (Tram 19 North Coburg or 59 Airport West, get off at the big scary roundabout and head east towards Carlton)
  • Hours: Mon to Sat 7am – 5pm
  • Sunday & Public Holidays 8am – 4pm
  • Contact: 9347 8664
  • Visit date: 21st March, 2012




Curiosity got the best of me and despite reading rave reviews about this place, I just had to go and see if they were true. Everything about this place lived up to my expectations. The decor is beautiful because it brought forth a wonderful atmosphere, the service was excellent and very attentive and the smell of coffee was heady and the plate of sweets were dangerously enticing.



The coffee was of the velvety SUPERB kind! So delicate with layers of dark chocolate and caramel with an ever so slight acidity that just made me sit back and savour every sip. The milk was frothed to a creamy velvety perfection.

Please, dear Reader, do yourself a flavour favour and just try this place out. I will come with you if you want because I really like this place.

5 out of 5

let me repeat:

5 out of 5

Flat white $3.80

Bonus points for everyone all round and to top it off Chain of Fools by Aretha Franklin was playing which to me is a good sign.


Chance of returning: VERY HIGH – I will go back again just to see if they are consistent which in no doubt they will be. You’d think this place would reek of pretentious hipster bullshit snobbery but it’s just about making the best coffee they can. Man, I am floored by this place. They even have indoor bike racks!
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