65 Degrees Cafe COFFEE

  • Establishment: 65 Degrees cafe COFFEE
  • Address: 309 Exhibition St Melbourne, VIC
  • Hours: Mon – Fri 6am to 4pm
  • Contact: http://www.65degreescafe.com/
  • Visit date: 27th Feb, 2012

Dang….they know how to make a bloody good coffee! The name says it all…65 degrees is the temperature that is the most optimal for your coffee. I read about this place in The Age Coffee Army booklet and just happen to spot it as I was trying to dodge ‘the fuzz’ because of jaywalking. Nah…I’m kidding. I was doing something boring like getting photo copying done.

It’s a busy little place and they have this side room with a long bench with bar stools. Woo hoo, I love bar stools! It’s one of my favourite seating arrangements because it’s like eating breakfast at anytime of the day…yay! I had a little thought: maybe this is the place where you want to avoid the business men banter because I was sitting next to one of the staff as he was writing in his folders ordering produce. I had to double check I wasn’t sitting in the staff room but there were menus around so I was ok. It’s kinda like a church crying room but with a backdoor so I knew I could make an easy getaway!

I ordered a Flat white $3.50 though I don’t think there was really any need for coffee art because this hit the caffeine spot for me. Sometimes, that can be an indication that the coffee might not that be that great but this was not the case. It smelt like a good burnt English toffee and had slight acidic orange flavour. The milk was nicely frothed and at the perfect temperature.

4.5 out of 5

Bonus points for the very nice staff and super quick delivery of my coffee despite the place that was moderately full of people….fricken WOW! I’m tempted to come back and try the breakfast menu and have some more coffee.

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