Ray Cafe, COFFEE and a lapse in food discipline

  • Establishment: Ray Cafe, COFFEE
  • Address: 332 Victoria Street Brunswick (Either take the Upfield train and get off at Brunswick Station and walk towards Sydney road, 508 Bus and get off at Sydney road or Tram 19 get off at Victoria Street and walk towards the train station. The cafe had a red shade cloth and bike racks out the front)
  • Hours: Mon-Fri 7.30am-5pm, Sat-Sun 8am-5pm
  • Contact: (03) 9380 8593
  • Visit date: 22nd Feb, 2012

Oh how I suffered (won’t go into details) from eating that sugar but it was WELL WORTH IT! Forgive me but I feel the need just poison my body with sugar on those rare occassions. Everyone has a lapse in discipline if they say they don’t, then they’re lying.

The last time I had coffee here was just perfect. I actually went up to the girl who made and it congratulated her on what a great job she did. This time round the girl wasn’t there but I still had a good coffee experience. It was just a regular flat white $3.50, not too bitter though a little too hot (that could also have been due to the stinking hot day that was baking things outside!).

There have been slight few changes in the decor and how the food cabinets were arranged that I had a little fret because I couldn’t find my sweet treat. I did a very naughty thing and ordered one of those meringue muffin things $4.90. Now these little devils are just heavenly. They are muffin sized meringue with hazelnuts and either cinnamon or all spice folded through, baked so they are a chewy cake texture and a crusty outer layer which upon that sits a marshmallow sized cream cheese icing dollop and topped with a toffee dipped hazelnut. It is so gorgeous and dipping that into my coffee was just divine!!!

Then one of the staff bought out this tall glass contraption that consisted of beakers and spiral tubes held within this wooden structure similar to one that holds an hour glass. I was there for the first cold drip coffee assembly and got a talking to the dude who was putting it together. He told me that the thing costs about $800 so I jokingly said: “Does that mean I can’t go-go dance on the table anymore?”

It made him laugh nervously but the other 2 customers had a giggle. He poured chilled water instead of the usual ice cubes that I’ve previously seen from other establishments.

Flat white: 3 out of 5

Chance of returning: Medium – Only when I’m up around that area of Brunswick. I used to go there a lot but not so much these days because there seems to be something missing but hopefully it will come back and I’ll make sure that girl makes my coffee.

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