T’s Vietnamese Classics Pho BREAKFAST

  • Establishment: T’s Vietnamese Classics
  • Address: Preston Markets The Centreway, Preston
  • Hours:  I assume they go by Preston Market hours which are Wed 8am – 3pm, Thu 8am – 6pm, Fri 8am – 6pm, Sat 8am – 3pm
  • Contact: ?
  • Visit date: 11th Feb, 2012

Hidden within the jungles of the Preston market is a place that reminds me of one of those roadside hawker stalls. It has about half a dozen seats along a narrow breakfast bench that overlooks their clattered but clean kitchen. I’m fascinated on how they do their coffee. From the looks of things, they use individual drips for each glass which are lined up with little metal filter caps and the coffee trickles out.  They also have a take away stall out the front, so Olleh and I decide to have our breakfast here before embarking on expedition in search of seasonal fruit and twiggy salami.


The dining experience is so wonderfully energetic because this place is situated near an entrance to the deli section so there is plenty to look at. Space is limited but the 2 gentlemen who were sitting there were happy to wriggle across to make more room. The man who serves us doesn’t become impatient with my indecisiveness on what I would like to eat. Maybe I’m a little nervous because he looks like the Asian version of Danny Trejo (look him up and you’ll know what I mean). He gives us some fragrant tea that really cleanses your palate so that you’re ready for the mains.




This place is really cheap and GOOD! For breakfast, I order a beef and chicken Pho $8 and relish the fact that they are very generous with their bone marrow. The servings are big and I cannot finish that delicious broth which magically restores whatever that was depleted in my god forsaken body.  Is it the steam curling up into my nostrils or fresh green herbs and bean shoots bobbing about in my pho that makes so soothing? Or is the ribbon like rice noodles lazily swishing around the thicker than usual slices of beef and chicken? I am not brave like Olleh who throws chilli on his pho like he fricken owns it. One day, I will be brave….one day I will conquer that chilli mofo.


Chance of returning: High – It’s such a fantastic start to the day to have pho whether is summer or winter. I’m going to try and make this a ritual before I go market shopping here in Preston.

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