Carlton Espresso COFFEE

  • Establishment: Carlton Espresso
  • Address: 326 Lygon St Carlton (catch any tram going up to Melbourne Uni, get off and walk east towards Lygon St)
  • Hours: Mon to Sat 7am – 9:30pm, Sun 8am – 9pm
  • Contact:
  • Visit date: 7th Feb, 2012

A reliable place where I want just some peace and quiet where I am well looked after by the staff here. I guess one would be after coming to this place for years. Thanks Mik for showing me the light.

The coffee is way better than the place down the road that I used to go religiously but alas, I was fed up with disappointing burnt coffee. Until I came to Carlton Espresso.  My flat white $3.50 is consistent and faithful. There is just enough bitterness that’s not over powering but is evened out by having a perfectly tightly packed milk froth which almost equates to cream.

4 out of 5

Bonus points for looking out for me by making sure unwanted advances from a male customer were cut short by a firm interruption of “EXCUSE ME SIR, what would you like to order????!!!” Most of the time I am alone when I come here and so even though that dude looked like he was pestering me, he actually wasn’t because it was Olleh meeting me just before we went to the Nova.

Also I am a sucker for a proper blue eyed Italiano in a Ben Sherman shirt.

Chance of returning: High – It’s the only place along this strip of Lygon Street I will go to for my coffee.
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