Tom Phat Cornfritters BRUNCH

  • Establishment: Tom Phat BRUNCH
  • Address: 184 Sydney Road, Brunswick (#19 North Coburg Tram, get off Barkly Square stop and walk about half a block towards Dawson Street and it’s near the Westpac bank)
  • Hours: Wed to Fri 11am – 11pm & Sat to Sun 8am – 11pm
  • Contact:
  • (03) 9381 2374
  • Visit date: 5th Feb Sunday, 2012

This place was recommended to me by Bek & RoRo so I decided to give this place a go since it has Vietnamese Gluten Free food items for me to eat and it’s in my neighbourhood. It took a little while to be acknowledged by the staff and for coffees to arrive ( just over 15 minutes later) BUT the food is deliciously scrumptious! At least Jha and I were offered glasses of water straight away. After watching the hordes of hipsters pouring in and being entertained by their meaningless banter, our food finally arrived and I wasn’t annoyed anymore.

I ordered the Sweet corn fritters with Smoked salmon, poached egg, baby spinach and avocado salsa $14.90 with potato hash $3.5

It looked gorgeous and pretty as a picture. The corn in those fritters were little but juicy and not at all like those fritters where the filling is mostly batter and these were cooked so the outsides were a crispy crunchy brown. Piled on top of that was fresh baby spinach, smooth sweet salty smoked salmon, mashed avocado (no salsa?), a big poached egg with a deep amber coloured yolk which tasted like how eggs should be and garnished with coriander sprigs and sprinkled with sliced spring onions.

I also got 2 potato hash on the sides which reminded me so much of how my dear old boss Peter would make them. These are different to hash browns because they are more of a mashed potato shaped into discs and then pan fried. These were nice because they had some decent seasoning (maybe nutmeg, Chinese 5 spice and cinnamon?) and browned on each side just the way I like it.

Flat white: $3.50 Hmmm, it was ok. I guess it would be alright if it was made from skinny milk…that or it was just watery. I’m just used to having a full bodied creamy coffee experience.  2 out of 5.

Bonus points for the constant refilling of our water glasses, the excellent choice of music (Yeah yeah yeahs and Gang of Four) and the Asian hut chic decor.

Chance of returning: Medium, I’ll give it another go because I still feel full after 5 hours which is a WOW for me ha ha ha!

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