Cookie Firecracker LUNCH

  • Establishment: Cookie LUNCH
  • Address: level 1@ Curtain House 252 Swanston St, Melbourne
  • Hours: Noon – 3am daily
  • Contact: 03 9663 7660
  • Visit date: 31st jan, 2012



“Hey darl, how are you?” is how you are greeted when you’ve been coming to a fine establishment such as this. Yes, I know that it’s a tad La di daaaah but it’s still nice. I had to cheer myself up from one of those blue days so a bright smiley dapper young man in stripey shirt, tie, dark apron and perfectly coiffed hair took care of my dining needs. He gave me lots of time to pour over the vast menu to which I was a little lost because there were so many hawker street food to choose from.

Then the Prawn and glass noodle firecrackers with avocado and coriander sauce $14.50 caught my eye. Anything with firecracker or some sort of explosion will always catch my eye. I asked sheepishly if the ‘firecrackers’ were hot because of the assumption of the name but my lovely waiter stopped what he was doing and leant over the bar and explained how these delicious things were made. The name firecracker was only to do with the way the food looked and then went on to describe the awesome accompanying sauce down to exact details.


I sat down in the other dining area which was less nosier and let out a nostalgic sigh. Seeing that long marble bar, high ceilings, big windows letting the light in and that wall where there are lots of red lipstick kiss prints makes me one very happy happy lady.





The song Je Cherche un Homme by Eartha Kitt was playing when my firecrackers were served up on those chintzy melamine plastic plates with red roses. The prawn tails sticking out of the crispy well drained spring rolls did look a bit like firecracker flames. Inside, the glass noodles were very flavoursome with an Asian like mild spiciness which made it very filling but then about halfway down, there was the plump juicy prawn.



This stuff is delicious and dipping it in that khaki green coloured sauce dotted with sesame seeds complimented it extremely well. I had a side of steamed rice $3 to which I smeared some of that green sauce over and that made it delicious too.


The knowledgeable barman wanted to know what I was having for lunch and recommended the Coldstream cider $8.50 which is dry and similar to champagne. That had never occurred to me before. He also wanted to know if I wanted to sample other cider that was on tap but I said Coldstream was one of my favourites because the man on the bottle is just in his undies which made him laugh.

Chance of returning: Medium low because this place is dangerous because I love it here and end up spending a LOT of money. I’m a tight arse when it comes to food and drink but there are times when you just have to splurge a bit.
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