Yen Sushi & Noodles LUNCH

  • Establishment: Yen Sushi and Noodles

Sitting on those little boxes reminds me of being back in kindergarten.

The Prawn rice paper rolls are chockers full of mint, carrot, lettuce, cucumber, glass noodles and fat shrimp. I ordered mine with a really nice creamy and flavoursome satay sauce. For $5.50 you get 3 big fat rolls. There are chicken and vegetarian options and different sauces available.

This is one of my favorite pit stops for a quick easy take away and they make really good brown rice sushi but I will review that another time.

Bonus points for being consistent in their delicious and fresh tasting rice paper rolls. Parking your arse on those boxes gives you a good view on the people as they go about their catwalk stylings along Centre Place.

Chance of returning: VERY High because they are reliable, quick and clean.

Yen Sushi & Noodles on Urbanspoon

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