Miss Marmalade COFFEE (iced)

Establishment: Miss Marmalade, COFFEE

Address: 126 Union Street, Brunswick

Hours: Open for all-day breakfast and lunch

Monday – Friday 7-4
Weekends 8-4

Contact: (03) 9388 8202


Visit date: 16th January, 2012

 It was a heat zapping motherF*%#er of a day so I sought refuge in the coolness of Miss Marmalade. I need a caffeine hit so I ordered the large iced coffee $5. There are iced coffee’s and there are ICED COFFEE’s! This one was awesome because not only it was creamy but still packed a punch when it came to the nice coffee bitterness. With some iced coffee’s, it’s almost like a milkshake with a coffee flavour……so weak!  This was just like a ice cold latte. It did come with a decent sized scoop of icecream on top which I devoured on this hot day (suffered later of course) so I got a Nut Conscious chocolate $7 to convince myself it would even out. Sophie the waiter, remembered that I ordered the previous one and asked if I liked it. I told her I did and that it keeping it in the display fridge was a good idea because these little babies couldn’t hack this godforsaken heat.

Bonus points for quick service as soon as I came in and got seated, I was given a nice cool glass of water and menu. And for the air conditioning and SUPERB iced coffee…well done guys!

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