Veri Koko BRUNCH

  • Establishment: Veri Koko
  • Address: 333 Sydney Road, Brunswick 3056 (#19 Tram North Coburg, get off at Albert St stop and walk back toward the city, you’ll pass the alley short cut to Safeway & Title record store so it’s near there)
  • Hours: Mon – Sat 7am to 5pm, Sun 8am to 5pm. Dinners hours are coming soon
  • Contact: (03) 9388 2226,
  • Visit date: 6th January 2012

When the waitress mentioned that there was a courtyard, Jha and I raced towards it like a bunch of kids busting to go to the loo after a 4 hour drive. Straight away, Jha was playing in the cubby house and I took a shine to a little blue rubber donkey which I tried to sit on. We ended letting the little blue donkey join us whilst we ate because I was too big to ride it.

I had 2 poached eggs on toast $7.5 + $1 extra for gluten free bread, smoked salmon $3.50 and flat white $3.50 which is from Toby’s Estate so it was typically and reliably good.

My poached eggs looked like cute baby ghosts or little dumplings the way the ends were pinched together and so I burst them because I find pleasure in watching that golden yolk ooze everywhere all over my salty smoked salmon.

Flat white: 4 out of 5

Bonus points for the nice waitress who straight away supplied us with water and looked after us well. Also for the courtyard set up with marquee, astro turf, big umbrella’s, trees in old recyling collection containers and of course the company of the Little Blue Donkey.

Chance of returning: High – because it’s in my hood and the food is really good here!!!
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