Quarterdeck Cafe LUNCH

Despite the 1 hour long wait because of our large group (though in my books that isn’t excusable since I’ve worked in establishments where organisation and timing was perfected). We were constantly being apologised to by the owner who knew half of our group by names because they were local. So during this I had 2 flat whites at $3.50 each which were decent though the foam was too fluffy and not creamy like it’s supposed to be.

I practically inhaled my breakfast which consisted of evenly cooked bacon $2.50, crispy hand grated rosti $2.50 which was of a decent size and had a crispy surface and creamy inside. Also I had a bowl of fruit salad $8.90 consisting of apple chunks, pineapple, watermelon, kiwi fruit, strawberries with a plop of creamy Greek yoghurt on top that gently oozed off the side.

Flat white: 2 out of 5

Food: I think having to wait made me really hungry to care but at least it tasted good.

Bonus points for the view of the Wagonga Inlet and the decor of this funky place.

Chance of returning: Whenever I am in Narooma.

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