Yellowbird Cafe DINNER

  • Establishment: Yellowbird Cafe, DINNER
  • Address: 122 Chapel St, Windsor, VIC 3181 (#78 or 79 Tram or  Sandringham Train, get off at Windsor, turn left and walk a few blocks towards the city along Chapel st.)
  • Hours: Mon – Sun 8am to 1am
  • Contact: (03) 9533 8983
  • Visit date: 2nd Nov, 2011

Just to let you know that the nacho serves are HUuuuuge!

And she wasn’t kidding! We could see from our window seat from across the dining room, a pile of nachos that other diners were having. So we decided just to get 1 serve thinking we can just order another.

It arrived and I swear our Nachos $12 was piled at least 5 inches high with nachos, guacamole, fresh chunky tomato salsa, golden melted cheese and dollopped with sour cream. They used the most delicious cornchips that I have ever had. It was delicate but with a substantial crunch and a surprisingly wholesome taste to this so called unflavoured chip. Elaine and I were glad for the warning.

We also had Salt and Chilli Squid $12. Dusted with flour (NOT GLUTEN FREE), sea salt and chilli (which was mild enough for a chilli wuss like me to handle). The squid were sweet and salty, had a little bite to it but NOT overcooked and rubbery. I really loved this dish which was served with garlic aioli, lemon wedges and rocket.

I washed it down with a Monteith’s cider $8.50.

I really enjoyed my experience and was a little sad that we couldn’t polish those nachos off….even between 2 ravenous ladies who don’t hold back on portion control. Good friendly service and nice chit chat from the staff makes it very nice to come here.

Chance of return: Medium – Whenever I’m at this end of Chapel Street because I prefer to eat here before I go to the Astor Theatre to indulge in films.

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