Fruit Salad & BACON!!!!!

  • Establishment: Brunswick Food Store (Toby’s Estate)
  • Address:  29 Weston Street (#19 North Coburg Tram, get off at  Barkly Square/Weston st and its about half a block up)
  • Hours: Open Tue-Fri 8am-5pm; Weekends 8am-4pm
  •  Contact: (03) 9388 8738
  • Visit date: 29th Nov, 2011 breakfast

Fruit Salad and Bacon!!!

This would have to be a match made in Food Heaven! The first I ordered this combination, I received a nervous laugh with massive undertones of  “You are CRAZY!!!” from a young waitress. Just to make things clear, that happened at another establishment that I don’t go to anymore because they all of a sudden became very rude and that’s not very nice at all!

Why would you laugh at me? The salt compliments the sweetness, the rich fattiness is cut by the acidic lightning bolts of the fruits, especially if there is pineapple involved. This fruit salad $8.50 was awesome! Full of the best early summer fruits: Strawberries, rock melon, water melon, pineapples and drizzled with passionfruit. Served on the side is a honey yoghurt which made it so FRICKEN GOOOOoooood, especially on a sweltering day.

I tumbled in my GENEROUS serve of bacon $3.50 into my fruit salad/yoghurt combo and it made this wonderful tangy savory sauce! Hmmmm, me thinks I could be onto something here!!!

10/10 for summer thorough fare!!!

Bonus points for saying my order was interesting and they didn’t make fun of me! I love these guys!!!!

Chance of returning: High…oh so HIGH!!!

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