Sea Salt fish and chips DINNER

  • Establishment: Sea Salt fish and chips DINNER
  • Address: 13 Degraves St, Melbourne (about 2 min from Flinders Street station main entrance, can be found between Swanston and Elizabeth street)
  • Hours: Lunch – Dinner
  • Contact: (03) 9654 2095
  • Visit date: 26th Oct, 2011

I got the Fish, Chips and Salad pack $12.90 and Emma & Toms orange juice $3.90.

A big plate of really nicely done chips, cooked slightly crunchy which is the way I like to have my chips. I can’t stand floppy under cooked chips and I want them to be crispy on the outside and soft in the middle. I got the fish grilled which was done well and it was juicy and not dry. The Caesar Salad that I ordered, I went and did that annoying thing and picked out those delicious generously sized croutons. The salad was good but all in all it was a pretty average meal but they did it SO WELL and the presentation was fantastic!

Chance of returning: Med – It’s the only place I know in the CBD that has fricken awesome fish and chips!

Sea Salt on Urbanspoon

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