Coffee Basics COFFEE

  • Establishment: Coffee Basics COFFEE
  • Address: 1 Halford Street, Castlemaine
  • Hours: Mon – Fri 8am to 4pm, Closed Public Holidays
  • Contact: Ph (03) 5470 6270 Mob 0419 521 942 Fax (03) 5470 6409
  • email:
  • Visit date: 4thOctober, 2011

This place was highly recommended to me by Dino. I had this brand of percolated coffee at their haus so I finally got my arse into gear and paid this place a visit.

My coffee was served in an earthen ware tall cup made from the Bendigo Pottery which is in the same style as the ones found at El Gordo.

My flat white $3 was Niiiiiiiiiice! Smooth, strong with a hint of ZING bitterness.

It was great to sit outside in the fresh Spring air and having the smell of gentle roasting of the beans on the premesis waft around us.

3.5 out 5

Bonus points: not only is this place is where to get your awesome coffee, it’s also got a community centre, a place that cuts rocks & minerals and its got that hippy vibe to it.

Chance of returning: Medium when I visit Castlemaine again.
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