Loving Hut, DINNER

  • Establishment: Loving Hut, DINNER
  • Address: Shop 10, 242 Victoria St, Richmond (catch Tram 109 to Box Hill, get off at Church St stop, cross the street and head a few shops down towards the city)
  • Hours: Opening hours:
    Tuesday – Sunday
    Lunch – 11:30am – 2:30pm / Dinner 5:30pm – 9:00pm
    Closed on Mondays
  • Contact: (03) 9427 8916 https://www.facebook.com/lovinghutmelbourne
  • Visit date: 17th Sept, 2011

I come here because the ladies are actually caring and kinda dote on you. They ask if you’re well, if you’re warm/cool enough, if you want more tea or sit near the window etc. This time an older gentleman came to look after us and he was cool.

At the time, I was still feeling ill and trying to shake off this lung infection so I going to a place where they served good ‘clean’ food does wonders to one’s waivering appetite. This was my 3rd visit and I wasn’t disappointed.

We ordered the Marinated Pumpkin $4. Who knew that sliced raw pumpkin served with a pickling sort of dressing would become so addictive?

Then the most AMAZING salad I’ve ever had came to the table and it was that good that it deserved its own drum roll. I am not a huge fan of salad but this looked so fricken awesome because it was a work of art in the shape of a ziggurat!

This Burmese Salad $13 was dotted with all sort of delicious carefully picked leaves, beetroot, carrots, orange segments, peanuts and these crunchy puff nutty things that were Oh So Nice!

When we couldn’t fill our bellies anymore, the Crispy Delight $15 arrived which I miraculously found more belly space just by force burping. Crispy Delights are shitake and enoki (?) mushroom mixed together with mystery spices wrapped in nori and then again in some sort of bean curd which is then fried! Oh man, we couldn’t even eat even half of it and so we were allowed to take it home with us!

Loving Hut caters to vegan, vegetarian and gluten free. All this lovingly soul nourishing was washed down with orange, strawberry, carrot and ginger smoothies $5 served in 1950’s style milkshake glasses.

Chance of returning: High but I don’t go to Victoria St, Richmond as much as I should.

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3 thoughts on “Loving Hut, DINNER

  1. Interesting… we didn’t have as good an experience with the food on our one visit. I should go back and try more of the menu, especially the pickled pumpkin. 🙂

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