Campari House, COFFEE

  • Establishment: Campari House, COFFEE
  • Address: 23-25 Hardware Lane, Melbourne
  • Hours Open until 1am
  • Mon – Fri 8am til late
  • Sat 9:30am til late
  • Sun 9:30 to 2pm
  •  Contact:
  • Visit date: 10th Oct, 2011

Great bloody coffee with:

-very nice crema

-milk is creamy with the froth consisting of fine tiny bubbles

-perfect temperature

-no bitterness or harsh taste.

It was a slightly crispy October morning and was happy that the heat lamps were turned on as I watched the coming and goings of Hardware Lane. I read the paper and stretched out like a lazy cat on 2 bar stools.



5 out of 5

Chance of returning: High…being a member also gets you further discounts
Campari House on Urbanspoon

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