Taco Truck of Melbourne LUNCH

  • Establishment: Taco Truck of Melbourne
  • Address: You have to check on its Facebook or Twitter because it travels around
  • Hours: It varies
  • Contact: (03) 9023 0888
  • http://www.tacotruck.com.au/
  • Visit date: 18th Sept, Lunch

Finally, it was fate! Checking every day to find it’s co-ordinates to see if it was do-able but there was no plan that weekend to chase this ellusive food legend. I knew it was going to be a challenge to hunt this truck down.  Then lo and behold……there it was! Thank god Olleh spotted it or else I would of gone right passed it.

We actually took a slight different route home and found a glass rabbit head that had been smashed. The taco truck man wanted to know what I was holding so I showed him and he said: “Cool!”

The slight wait was worth it…...Bloody Hipsters! A little on the small side but it was yummy delicious and delightfully funky FRESHHhhhh!! I ate half of a chicken and half of a fish taco. The chicken taco was tender and nestled in amongst a bed of corn salsa. The lightly battered fish was atop of some with some red cabbage salad and drizzled with a spicy and tangy sauce which was very nice too. The taco shells were soft but they came with these really addictive chip things that looked like they were fried at the premesis. So for 2 tacos plus those chip things came to $12. On their own it was $6. They also had a vegie one available too.

Chance of return: High….Due to some rule about street food that I can’t be arsed fully researching that this isnt permanent but then again…it has wheels! The thrill is in the chase. I pretend I’m hunting down a big white metal animal full of tacos that I catch with money.

I HIGHLY recommend it though. Thanks B-Mac for letting me know of this!!!!

Taco Truck on Urbanspoon

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