Miss Marmalade COFFEE & SNACKS

  • Establishment: Miss Marmalade
  • Address: 126 Union St, Brunswick
  • Hours: Open for all-day breakfast and lunch
  • Monday – Friday 7-4
    Weekends 8-4
  • Contact: (03) 9388 8202
  • http://missmarmaladecafe.com/
  • Visit date: 28th Sept, 11:30am ish


Being in here is so cool! I love how it’s nice and cozy with lots of lovely things to look at. It’s kinda like an art gallery with food related objects. They have light fixtures that are old whisk attachments you get with those big industrial Hobart mixers.




I had a strong flat white $3.50 with nice bitterness that was evened out with its creamy milk. I really don’t like having skinny milk in my coffee. What is the point? Watered down milk…bleughhh!  If I could, I would just have frothed cream!



I was really impressed by the amount of Wedges $5 that came in a single serve. It was barely contained in a decent sized bowl and looked just mouth watering. I saw them being carried over to us and all I could think was: “God damn! Those better be ours!” They looked homemade and delightfully rustic. Beautifully crunchy and brown on the outside (it reminded me of beer battered chips but I think it was just herbs and mystery spices) and firm creamy puffy on the inside! Sprinkled with flaked sea salt and had their skins intact which also added to its flavour. They were really delicious on their own and I forgot that we ordered a regular tomato sauce. I should of ordered sour cream or some sort of tropical fruit chutney that would of been a sublime marriage to this simple dish of potato wedges.

Mum and I sat along the exposed brick wall and nearby there were shelves with all sort of things like keep cups, cook books, jams and there was this chocolate I had the day before. It was Conscious Chocolate 45g $7 which is this fancy gluten and sugar free that tastes and feels perfectly at home in my mouth. I had the mint one with 60% cacao. Yep, at first the price gave me one of those rage eye twitches but in the end, I would pay that amount because there is no sugar and agave nectar is used.

I could bang on about how its organic, homemade, vegan, made in Melbourne bla bla bla so  go here instead: consciouschocolate.com.au

Some of the sugar and gluten free chocolates that have passed my lips have tasted like shite. They have that over the top fake sweetness and/or have no flavour. This however, is the opposite. The texture is kinda fudgey, strong dark choco flavoured and grizzly yet oh so smooth…just like Lance Henrikson’s voice.

The following scenario will illustrate on how good that chocolate is: As we were walking back to the car, I almost chucked a tantrum when my Mum took a HUGE bite so only half the bar was left. She promised me she’d only take 1 square! It was the Cornetto fiasco all over again…. yeah..I know I was 6 years old at the time but I could never get over that! To make matters worse, she laughed at me with her hands on her hips and freak gust of wind was blowing her hair around dramatically. All she needed was some sort of cape to complete the picture of being “Parent- who- lies- about- taking- small- bites” villain! I didn’t have tears in my eyes, it was windy and I have allergies.

Return visit: Medium – High….It’s just a lazy wander from my haus.
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3 thoughts on “Miss Marmalade COFFEE & SNACKS

  1. Its just a little bite,,,, dont mean to offend ,,, again,,, sorry sweetheart…we will go their again to Miss MARMALADE

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