Wallis & Ed’s Dining room and Bar, COFFEE

  • Establishment: Wallis & Ed’s Dining room and Bar
  • Address: 1 Bourke st, Melbourne CBD. (catch any tram running along Bourke st #86, 96 or Spring St  #35 City Circle free tram or get off at Parliament Train Station) Its around the corner from the Hotel Windsor and used to be The Hard Rock Cafe.
  • Hours: Mon-Sun 7am-3pm (with plans to adjust to 7am to late)
  • Contact: (03) 9633 6265
  • Visit date: 21st Sept, 2011

If you LOVE the sound of the French accent, park your arse near the barista!

I had a creamy dreamy flat white which was veeeeeery nice. It’s very suitable if you’re feeling a little frail and cradles you gently while still holding your hand with flavour. The adorable French dude asked me how was my coffee and I let him know.

Then he explained why that was: The 1st extraction takes the sweetness of the bean, 2nd extraction/body that takes the salts, oils and minerals to finally to the 3rd extraction which is the bitter that rounds things off in order to make it a real coffee.

Flat white: $3.30 gentle yet still had kick.

4 out of 5.

Bonus points for taking the time to have a chat about the coffee process and to listen to him singing Frankie Valley’s “Sherry” song. Also for the slick swanky layout and the view of Bourke street from the half circle windows.

Chance of returning: Medium because I want to try out their food and it’s nice and warm in there!

Wallis & Ed on Urbanspoon

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