El Gordo Cafe COFFEE

  • Establishment: El Gordo COFFEE
  • Address: Chancery Lane, Bendigo
  • Hours: Mon – Fri 8am -4.30pm
  • Also open 9am – 2pm the second Saturday of every month to support the Bendigo Community Farmers’ Market.
  • Contact: Oliver Budack, Megan Spencer  0413 447 518
  • http://www.facebook.com/elgordobendigo
  • Visit date: 28th Sept, 9:30am ish

Coming back to my home town is such a wonderful relaxing thing to do and it’s especially nice when you have a VERY reliable place to go to for a caffeine hit. I’m talking about this lovely little place tucked away in a lane along Pall Mall called El Gordo. My first visit here made me feel so welcomed (Yay….they know my name!!!!) that I kept on coming back again and again.

Consistency is the draw card because I’ve been disappointed many times about the quality of country town coffee. It’s getting there….but very slowly. Maybe I need to explore more places? When they don’t work out….I return here…just like a homing pigeon.

My flat white was made how I like it: slightly bitter, creamy yet with a powerful caffeine kick at the end. Strong coffees usually give me acidic tummy hiccups but I never seem to get them here! Served in a bowl $4…it’s a pretty good price!

4.75 out of 5!

The crockery is made locally by the Bendigo Pottery and the logo has this wee endearing love heart on it. I wonder if they sell them? (oooooh yes they do!)

Bonus points for the GENUINE HOSPITALITY of the owners who actually give a damn about their produce and look after you well which makes coming here even more delightful. It’s the little things like offering tall cool glasses of water or letting you know in details what are the specials of the day.

There is plenty to look at too. Following the Spanish/Mexican vibe, there’s trinkets like El Día de los Muertos figurines, metal mirror hearts and such everywhere. The local artists display their fine work on the shelves: The Quircus Hello Dale & Leah!

Chance of returning: High…whenever I’m in Bendigo, I will at least come here 2-3 times a week. Everyday if I could. This is my local when I’m in town.

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