Growers Espresso COFFEE

  • Establishment: Growers Espresso
  • Address: 332 St Georges Road
    Fitzroy North VIC 3068 (Tram #11 or 112, get off at Holden St, stop 24 )
  • Hours: Open Mon-Sat 8am-3pm
  • Contact: (03) 9486 1886
  • Visit date: 10th Sept, 2011 10am

I accidently got off a tram stop too early but really needed a coffee fix so I took a gamble on this place and I’m so glad I did. These people know how to make coffee and I’m so glad that on my second visit that the coffee was consistently good. Slightly fruity and chocolatey after taste. Nice and creamy and smooth and it was at a lovely sipping temperature that wasn’t too hot. I really like this place

Flat white: $3.50

4 out of 5

Chance of returning: Medium
Growers Espresso on Urbanspoon

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