Brunswick Foodstore (Toby’s Estate) COFFEE

      • Establishment: Brunswick Foodstore (Toby’s Estate)
      • Address: 29 Weston Street
        Brunswick VIC 3056 (#19 North Coburg Tram, get off at  Barkly Square/Weston st and its about half a block up)
      • Hours: Open Tue-Fri 8am-5pm; Weekends 8am-4pm
      •  Contact: (03) 9388 8738
      •  Visit date: 14th September 2011, Arvo…coffee break time!

I thought this place was closed down but my heart went “Tra la la” when I saw that the doors were wide OPEN. I actually skipped across the road whilst listening to Amy Winehouse’s version of “Monkey Man” and did an unintentional extravagant entrance. I should of yelled “TA-DAAaaaah! It’s coffee time!!!!” *jazz hands

I ordered a flat white which was served to me in a large sexy black cup and had a gluten free Italian chocolate biscuit. I know it had sugar in it but what the hey…I felt that a little danger needed to be had! Oh man, it was a really fantastic coffee. This was a different tasting blend with a lovely kick which was what I needed cos I was almost running out on empty.

The staff were really friendly and we chatted briefly about the beans. I got the 2nd day roast (the usual is the 5th day) which was really strong and they were a bit worried that it wouldn’t be to my taste. I told them it was awesome and asked if they were open for breakfast on Saturday. “Yes we are!”

Large Flat white: $4 Fruity, beautiful bitter and strong, very very nice aroma and oh so creamy milk! 4.5 out of 5

Food: $2.50 A good decent sized chocolate biscuit, a little chewy and nutty which is nice. I don’t like hard biscuits that disintegrate upon impact.

Bonus points : friendly staff who are happy to chat to you, bloody awesome decor, nice high ceilings and you can buy spices, coffee beans, chocolate, tea, coffee equipment. There is even a separate private dining room. I like how they used corrugated iron on the walls and I sat in the ‘dragon’ corner and they cut out a little nook in the metal wall with an empty little wooden shelf. I wanted to leave a present in there for them for making me chirpy.

Chance of returning: High…Its in my ‘hood!

Brunswick Foodstore on Urbanspoon

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