Hallah Korean BBQ DINNER

  • Establishment: Hallah Korean BBQ
  • Address: 268 Victoria St, North Melbourne (Catch any tram along Elizabeth or Peel St #19, 55, 57, 59 and get off at Victoria st and its opp Queen Vic Market Shops)
  • Hours: Monday – Sunday 5:30pm til late
  • Contact: (03) 9329 4293 http://hallah.com.au/index.php
  • Visit date: 9th Sept 2011, Dinner

This would have to be the best fried chicken I have ever had. I actually did a bit of research because I had such a strong hankering for fried chicken and would of never thought the Korean BBQ would absolutely NAIL this mofo. I thought, I would have to hunt down some Cajun or American Southern style fried chicken and there was no way in hell am I ever going to have KFC again! This stuff is just mind blowing orgasmically genuinely finger licking good.

We ordered a full plate but had half original sauce (slightly tangy and spicy red sauce) and a sweet garlic sauce. It did come with a side dish of pickled radish but I just forgo that and dove right in sans cutlery and with great unabashed gusto! I love how they give you all sorts of deep fried and not just wings or drumsticks. OMG, I am in heaven. There were very few words exchanged during this divine experience except for the occasional: “ooooohhhhh” and “hmmmmmm”. It wasn’t surprising that I was sporting a glazed eye dreamy expression on my happy happy face.

I’m glad I wore my stylish ‘eating’ dress so I can happily walk around with a liberated belly. Actually, I don’t care anymore if my belly resembles a rice sack instead taut abs like Janet Jackson circa 1996 (not that I ever had any lol). It just shows that I’m more dedicated in feeding my belly and soul with such fantastical nourishments instead of denying/punishing for the sake of vacuous fashion trends.

Oh man, I felt like having a cigarette after that…it was THAT good! Plus I got to introduce Olleh this drool worthy belly satisfying food adventure.

Food: $29 Full plate, pick your own combo (half serve $17.50) Crispy, well seasoned deep fried chicken done to perfection. It was crunchy and juicy that you had to suck on it slightly to prevent it from dripping down your chin. And yeah, I wasn’t ashamed licking my fingers in public and being in full view from the window seat. We had such a wonderful view of the city skyline and smelling the wonderful smokiness from upstairs BBQ which I will review another time.

Bonus points
Chance of returning: HIGH….oh god…you gotta go! Ok, maybe not all the time unless I work it off straight away.

It’s good if you want to be hugged on the inside ha ha ha!
Hallah on Urbanspoon

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