Pearl Oyster BRUNCH

  • Establishment: Pearl Oyster
  • Address: 114 Miller St, Thornbury/Preston, (#Tram 112 West Preston, Get off at Stop 37 – Miller/Gilbert Rd, look both ways before crossing the roundabout and then mosey around the corner and hopefully you’ll see red umbrellas)
  • Hours: Every day 8:00 am – 4:30 pm
  • Contact: (03) 9480 2500 ‎
  • Visit date: 4th Sept, 2011. 10am-ish

Watching the husbands perve on the hot waitresses wearing 1950’s style diner/deli style uniforms and when their wives caught them perving was very giggle worthy.

This delightful cosy establishment is run by hipsters but thank feck the snooty pretentious “I’m-holier-than-thou” does NOT come with that. Ok, I’ll just call them persons of great food skills with stylish cool. I love an open style kitchen where I do enjoy a good kitchen prep perve myself because that should encourage clean cooking practises.

Whoever designed the decor sure must of gotten a degree in Funkanomics: 50’s style furniture, mismatched crockery, Elvis poster in bathroom, big arsed indoor plants, kooky wall art….Yessss! They even have a big roll of paper and coloured pencils to keep the kids and artists entertained while you food is being made.

The coffee is strong and is like a gentle slap to the face. Mind you, it’s the nice sort of slap that you get from a very weak person who’s “fadoobadahs/tuck shop arms” create air drag so it don’t hurt as much and not the sort you get from a drag queen to whom you just insulted and ‘stolen’ her MAC Viva Glam in Foxy Brown Plum lipstick. *cough Cann River truck stop diner. Get the picture?

I got the Pearl Oyster Poached eggs with Salmon which comes with 2 small slices of gluten free toast (you can get normal bread which is bigger), pickled ginger and a red cabbage salad which I actually like! Usually when I see cabbage, it looks like the word garbage and makes me go Bleughhhh! But this version has nearly converted me to the Cabbage side.  I like to poke the poached eggs so it runs amok on my plate and coats the decently sliced salmon. I don’t like this business of having the salmon slices so thin that you can see through them….bah to you cheapskates!!

Flat white:$ ? I forgot…let me get back to you on that. A gentle slightly bitter but with a nice crema on top. There is no yucky chemical after taste you get with some bitter coffees. 2.5 out of 5

Food: $16 – Oooooh good nice pretty and strange but it sure damn works combo of eggs, salmon and cabbage salad with an Asian-ish style dressing.

Bonus points for the atmosphere and Elvis and Fly Lady in the bathroom. Sitting at the counter ogling the cakes and pastries under those clear glass domes is nice too. You just want to shake them like the snow domes but I don’t think they would like that.

Chance of returning: Medium – whenever I’m hanging out with my Olleh.

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