The Green Refectory COFFEE

  • Establishment: The Green Refectory Coffee
  • Address: 115 Sydney Rd
    Brunswick, (#19 tram stop 20-Barkly Square/Sydney Rd )
  • Hours: Mon-Sat 7am-8pm, Sun 8am-6pm
  • Contact: (03) 9387 1150
  • Visit date:  29th Aug, 2011

I’ve gone under the names Mike, Vivienne and Batman during the years when they want a name to call out for your coffee. These days, I just go by the name that’s on my licence. I don’t make them giggle anymore from my silliness.

The consistency of how I want my flat white is mostly 95% accurate (maybe 3 or 4 times it has been very “Meh” but mind you, I’ve been coming to “The Green” for more than 5 years…I can’t even remember WHEN I started!).  So I’ve come to rely on dropping in here even before I saunter off to another cafe to have my bleary eyed brunch with whoever is unfortunate to be in my snatching range.

I’m only going to harp on how fricken awesome the coffee is here because the food here deserves its own review. For $3 take away or ‘have here’ in grandma’s crockery, you get a velvety caffeine swoon that’s buffers and prepares you for the harshness of day if you’re feeling a bit precious but other than that….. Everything is peachy..BAM!

Flat white: Illy coffee, strong yet delicate on the palate, beautiful and faithful, no grit, smells like a schexy assed coffee 5 out of 5

Chance of returning: Extremely high…well it’s a part of my routine.
Green Refectory on Urbanspoon

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