La Paloma BRUNCH

  • Establishment: La Paloma
  • Address: 259 Albert Street
    Brunswick (catch #19 Tram: Albert St/Sydney Rd)
  • Hours: Open Mon-Sat 8am-5:30pm
  • Contact: (03) 9380 8520
  • Visit date: 24th Aug 2011

It makes a huge difference to your day if you are fed properly. I was a little bit grumpy this morning from various things…no real reason to be. I decided to go to that cafe along Albert St because I promised the dude who ran the joint: “I’ll be back!” and that was over a year ago. La Paloma is a small 1 room cafe with a few tables for 2 outside. It reminded me of someone’s kitchen. There were pictures of a Maradona on the wall in his hey days and cutie pie mismatched crockery. I perched myself at the bar and had a flat white which was slowly woke me up. The man serving me changed the record player to Bob Marley and chatted/danced to another customer in Spanish. Then he explained to me what eggs juanito and shakshuka on the menu with bubbly enthusiasm.

I ended up getting “Shakshuka with labneh and middle eastern salad” which came with a side of awesome sour dough bread sliced hasselback style. Mind you, I haven’t eaten bread in about 2 years and there were MANY temptations. I’m gluten intolerant and certainly paid the price for having it later. BUT IT WAS WORTH IT!

When my food arrived, it didn’t look super fantastic but I was so hungry that I dove right in. I almost cried on how delicious and homely my breakfast tasted. I kept whispering “OMG” to myself. I’ve never had shakshuka before but it was similar to huevos rancheros but this was waaaaaaay more hearty. I think this was made with love!

All up, my 2 poached eggs & 2 chipolatas nestled in a mixture of tomatoes, onions, chilli peppers (it didn’t even burn my tongue!), cumin and turmeric, middle eastern salad, labneh and sour dough bread with coffee came to a total of $13

I didn’t even have time to take a photo because I was too preoccupied with my food. I went to thank the chef but he was too busy so I told the girl with the cool accent to tell him.  Then all these hipsters came in for lunch and I got away swiftly and unscathed!

Flat white: 3.5 out of 5

Shakshuka: 1st time awesome!!!!

Labneh & middle eastern salad: surprisingly good. I was a little scared because I don’t like raw onions but this was so mild and the cucumber was sweet.

Bread: ooooh so bad that it was good!

The decor was super homely and the staff are just chillied and unpretentious. I should learn Spanish.

Chance of returning: Med – High
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